Donald McArthur
Hello, I'm Donald McArthur and I pride myself on

creating professional usable websites.eye-catching graphics.responsive and prompt support.making technology easy to understand.

Web Design

Professional usable websites that use the latest tools 

Sports Design

Who knew two passions could coexist and be so fun.


A print design doesn't have to be boring but it can illicit feeling.

Logo Design

When it comes to building a brand a clean logo is essential.

WordPress Maintenance and Support


We all need a helping hand from time to time and I have specialed in customer support since 2000. I speak tech that you can understand.

WordPress Updates

I'm going to handle all your WordPress updates so you don't have to worry about something going wrong. 

Security Monitoring

WordPress is the most used CMS in the world because it's the best which means hackers are constantly trying to exploit it. I'll secure your website and keep it secure by montioring for intrutions and malmare.

Plugin Updates

I will handle the never-ending plugin updates so you can worry about engaging your customers without the time-consuming backend headache.

Cloud Backups

From Monthly to Daily Backups there is a plan to meet your needs. Backups are not important until you need them and then they are vital

Monthly Reports

See what you are paying for and exactly what is going on with your WordPress site.

Outage Support

If your site goes down or is broken by a plugin or a hacker, I will get it back up and running at no additional charge.

Database Optimization

As your website grows so does your database which can affect your site's speed. I'll keep it clean and quick.

Uptime Monitoring

By actively monitoring your site I will be notified if it ever goes down allowing me to get you up and running more quickly and smoothly.